Explore the possibility & potential encoded within your birth data.



The core Soul Style™ modalities

Get started with simple insights from your Numerology!

Fast-track finding more of how you are uniquely wired, with specific pieces from Numerology!

  • Connect with your Core Number & Personal Year to evaluate how their meaning can guide and direct your path.
  • Shape your Birth Chart and consider the numbers, the energy, the arrows and how they point to your soul-style.
  • Construct your Personal Pyramid to identify peak power years!

Get specific insights into your business, brand and beyond from your Astrology.

Discover keys to creating more personally & professionally, through your astrology!

  • Find hidden intel in the basic composition of your chart and learn the core role of your Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs.
  • Unpack three aspects of your chart and how they intersect with areas of connection, communication and creativity.
  • Explore your South and North Node and how your personal planets inform and influence your journey inside business and beyond!
  • Take each path one step at a time, integrate more with a Discovery Package (2 x 45min calls 1:1 + directional insights from your Stars!)

Go deeper with precision insights from your Quantum Human Design!

Reconnect or realign with your unique contribution through your quantum human design!

  • See your type, strategy and profile through quantum language that resonates more meaning & purpose.
  • Connect with your primary energy centers to amplify your innate capacity to create & experience more, often with less time, energy & resources!
  • Deep dive into your design insights through a unique, one-of-a-kind lens that reshapes how you elevate and expand your core contribution, inside business and beyond!

Tap into individual, inspired insights with your Akashic Records!

Open up a whole new level of conscious awareness and connect inspired 'intel' that fine-tunes, validates or confirms what you have already been thinking, sensing or feeling.

  • The Akashic Records are a higher dimension of consciousness that contain Divine insights relevant to every person on the planet (past, present & future)...Now, all that can feel kind of trippy! So, let's lighten it up ;) 


    Think of connecting with your records, like walking into a library, pulling your 'soul story' off the shelf and feeling the pages come alive with a mixture of images/pictures, words/phrases and feelings/emotions.


    Your Akashic Records are a source of personal and professional creativity, ideation and innovation and, when combined with your unique 'soul-style' insights, connect you with more of what you need right now, next or in the near future!



"If you find yourself in one of the million places I've been, all I can say is aligning with the inspired insights from my unique Soul Style delivered deep meaning & clear purpose to my business and beyond."

~ Trish



About Trish!

After 25 years in Business & Marketing, Trish Murray found herself on a 10-year long 'Eat Pray Love' journey exploring and integrating a myriad of resources and practices to recalibrate her relationship with Soul & Business and a life 360º.

Trish's reconnects CEOs, business owners and soul-seekers with individual, inspired insights encoded in their birth data to frame their unique Soul Style™ and realign their CEO Vision / Soul Purpose inside their business and beyond! 

Trish combines degree studies in Psychology Marketing & Business from Athabasca University with unique integrations from Universal Law, Astrology and Human Design.

She studies with a diverse array of soul-aligned thought leaders including Karen Curry Parker, JoAnn Stoneberg and Felicia Searcy, is a certified Soul Care Coach with Rose Hope International and shares regular Soul & Business insights with a selection of future-focused business communities, including the RESET Collective.

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