soul style mashup

Initial_Soul & Business Mashup_$199

Reimagine Soul & Business.

If you are a soulful entrepreneur, exploring this initial Soul & Business Mashup invites you to re-imagine how your most authentic 'soul' self and your business (full-time or side gig) can move hand-in-hand to create a business that works AND one that you love!

Learn about each of the Soul Style modalities.

Each mashup includes:

  • 60-Minutes, one-to-one with Trish; three primary charts and recorded replays for future reference, (returning clients integrate more with one 'Contemplation Key').

  • First-time clients: Get introduced to your Human Design, Astrology and Numerology and create a solid foundation to reconnect with the Soul & the Business. 

  • Returning clients: Set an intention and step into directional insights that shine a light on possibilities, opportunities and solutions. Trish's joins her business/strategy background with your Soul Style and the Five Vs.

SINGLE 60 • $199.00 (incl. three primary charts)



"The Universe buries strange jewels within each of us and

then stands back to see if we will find them."


~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear





- 5 min • New clients: we'll work with foundational elements | Existing clients: Set the stage: how you'd like to use your time

- 45 min • Connect with directional insights from your Human Design, Astrology and Numerology, get strategic insights into your 'Five Vs' from Trish's Business/Marketing background, get inspired with your Akashic Records...choose from a 'mashup' of them all!

- 10 min • Q/A and recap



In aligning my messaging with Trish's profound insights, I've experienced a transformative shift in how I attract clients.

The precision and depth of her guidance have been instrumental in drawing the right individuals to my coaching practice.

Trish, I extend my sincere gratitude for your role in helping me find clarity and providing the language essential for the expansion of my business.

Thank you for being a guiding light on this incredible journey.

~ Anita A.

I had heard of Human Design, but didn't understand it. Tricia did mine and walked me through it. It was a revelation to get a better understanding of where I can create true impact and how to do it without compromising the health of my soul and spirit.

The way Tricia interacts with you is beyond the surface level. For me who is a highly sensitive person and empath - this is very important because I don't process anything on a surface level. 

Not many people elevate CEOs in the manner Tricia does, she has been blessed with gifts that if one is open can create space for healing and restoration both professionally and personally.

~Tovey B.


I am so impressed by the marketing process Trish Murray has created in her Soul & business design.

Trish invites us to consider the 'soul' nature of what makes us individuals and how we can use these tools to thrive.

She combines astrology, numerology and human design and it is fascinating how each of these three elements resonate with each other and allow insight into where we are in our life and businesses and, how we can have greater understanding while opening possibilities for future success and happiness.

~Adele A.


About Trish!

After 25 years in Business & Marketing, Trish Murray found herself on a 10-year long 'Eat Pray Love' journey exploring and integrating a myriad of body-mind-soul principles and practices to recapture the Soul of Business!

Trish utilizes her degree studies in Psychology, Marketing & Business with specialized training in Yoga, Universal Law, Astrology and Human Design to integrate strategy and soul, inside business and beyond.

She is a business and marketing consultant, teacher, author and podcast host/guest sharing intel and intuitive insight on recapturing the Soul of Business in this ‘new age’ of Aquarius.

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