soul drivers


Your Soul Drivers Guide!

Explore four foundational elements of your soul's unique style and tap into what moves and motivates you at a soul-level!

Learn about the three primary Soul Style modalities.

This package includes:

  • Four primary drivers from your Numerology, Astrology and Human Design with directional insights to consider for business;

  • A 15-minute guided Highlight Reel from Trish; and,

  • A clear, concise guide (pdf) to reference in your personal meditative/intuitive practice!

See what's inside through the lens of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple!




Thank you Trish for this remarkable report and your time and care to walk me through it.  This was fun to hear (and take notes). The whole reading felt familiar and reaffirming. Thank you for this enjoyable and insightful experience!

~ Braden R.


Wow! Thank you so much Trish! I have just listened to my Soul Drivers for the first time! I am excited to listen again and read more. I resonate with the descriptions and understand what is being revealed to me. It is reassuring to know that the creative path I seem to be on is a great place to start my retirement journey! 
~ Patricia R.

This is amazing, thank you so much and it makes much more sense than the last one. I did know I was a Core 11, however your video insights gives me more to work with. I'm going to share this with a spiritual group I'm in and see if anyone else would like to have their charts done.

~Melissa D.



About Trish!

After 25 years in Business & Marketing, Trish Murray found herself on a 10-year long 'Eat Pray Love' journey exploring and integrating a myriad of body-mind-soul principles and practices to recapture the Soul of Business!

Trish utilizes her degree studies in Psychology, Marketing & Business with specialized training in Yoga, Universal Law, Astrology and Human Design to integrate strategy and soul, inside business and beyond.

She is a Soul & Business consultant, teacher, author and podcast host/guest sharing intel and intuitive insight on recapturing the Soul of Business in this ‘new age’ of Aquarius.

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