soul drivers


Your Soul Drivers Guide!

Explore four foundational elements of your soul's unique style and tap into what moves and motivates you at a soul-level!

Learn about the three primary Soul Style modalities.

This package includes:

  • Four primary drivers from your Numerology, Astrology and Human Design with directional insights to consider for business;

  • A 15-minute guided Highlight Reel from Trish; and,

  • A clear, concise guide (pdf) to reference in your personal meditative/intuitive practice!


About Trish!

After 25 years in Business & Marketing, Trish Murray found herself on a 10-year long 'Eat Pray Love' journey exploring and integrating a myriad of body-mind-soul principles and practices to recapture the Soul of Business!

Trish utilizes her degree studies in Psychology, Marketing & Business with specialized training in Yoga, Universal Law, Astrology and Human Design to integrate strategy and soul, inside business and beyond.

She is a Soul & Business consultant, teacher, author and podcast host/guest sharing intel and intuitive insight on recapturing the Soul of Business in this ‘new age’ of Aquarius.

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